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Camping offers unique experience for girls and adults in a fun and safe environment.
Whether you camp in tents, in a cabin or would rather be adventurous,
check out Nova Scotia's current camping opportunities below: 

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KWAHEE is Nova Scotia’s Provincial Girl Guide Standing Camp for girls 9 to 12 years of age.  

Each year there are two summer week long Kwah-ee camps and two weekend winter camps. The weekend winter camps are residential and the summer camps are in tents. The focus of our winter camps is to be comfortable while learning skills for a different season. 

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is a competitive, adventure style fall camp that is available to Pathfinder girls aged 11-15 years at the time of the event.
To complete their Quest, the girls join together in teams to tackle various outdoor projects over a 12-hour period. These projects, prepared by Rangers and Guiders, challenge each team's abilities in reasoning, leadership, teamwork, and endurance. 

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