NS Council

NS Provincial Commissioner
   Lorena Fortune

Left to Right: Back row- Mary Louise, Cindy, Andrea, Libby, Joyce, Julia, Yvonne
   Front Row: Miriam, Darlene, Lorena,  Debbie, Angela
   Missing from photo: Tiffany, Paige, Gabrielle, Anastasia

Deputy Provincial Commissioners
Darlene Banks-Partnerships & Strategic Planning 
Debbie Mellish- Area Support 

Annual Report 2016

See who does what at Province!

Need to contact your AREA COMMISSIONERS?
Ceilidh Area  -contact Joyce
Dartmouth Shore  -contact  Beth
Harbourside -contact Libby
Harvest Trail -contact Julia
Maplewood  -contact Tiffany
Tri-Waters -contact Vicki

Area locations can be determined on our NS GUIDING AREA MAP 

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