Nova Scotia’s Provincial Girl Guide Camp
Aged:  9 to 12 years of age

Kwah-ee allows girls the opportunity to attend a camp, where they can be physically active and learn camp skills. These camps enable the girls, young women and adults who attend them to develop their self esteem and self confidence, while building their camping and leadership skills and instilling a love of the outdoors.

Who can attend Kwah-ee?

Theme: Amazing Race

Hardwood Lake ( Lake Paul, NS - Annapolis Valley)
Staff arrive- July 15th

Girls - July 16 - 21st
Drop off : 2:00pm Monday
Pick up: 11:30 am Saturday

EVENT Activity Plan (SG1)

Question? - Please email

Please forward all three completed applications below and payment ($230) to:
Girl Guides of Canada - 3581 Dutch Village Rd, Halifax, NS B3N 2S9


Attention all Pathfinders & Rangers!!!

Help out this summer with our Summer Kwahee Camp, see application below if interested...
Patrol Leaders and Shadows Application form


Any Nova Scotia Adult Guider can apply!!
Kwah-ee provides a place for Adult Guiders to develop and expand on their leadership skills by working with other Guiders within the Province.
Kwah-ee provides an avenue for mentoring; where experienced Guiders can share their expertise with other Guiders with limited camping experience.
We welcome any Guider, no matter your branch, to apply for a Kwah-ee Position.

7/23/2018 9:24:28 AM