Welcome to Harbourside Area !

Harbourside Area primarily covers the Halifax Regional Municipality: peninsula and west, as far as St. Margaret's Bay.

Harbourside Area has six Guiding Districts covering the general locations of:
-   Halifax South DS: Downtown and South End 
-   Hammonds Plains DS: Hammonds Plains
-   Shoreview DS: Branching from the Armdale Rotary: includes Cowie Hill, Spryfield, Herring Cove, Harrietsfield,
     North West Arm Drive and vicinity
-   St. Margaret's Bay DS:  Stillwater Lake, Upper Tantallon, St. Margaret's Bay,  Tantallon to Peggy's Cove 
-   Timberlea Prospect DS: Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea and Prospect
-   Windsor Park DS: North End Halifax, West End Halifax, Fairview and Clayton Park 

The area is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers who provide programming for girls and adult leadership and training opportunities.

Area Commissioner:  Libby MacLean Harbourside@girlguides.ns.ca

Area Deputy Commissioner:  Lynn Parks: lynn.parks@bellaliant.net

Program: Tabitha Palmer: harboursideprogram@gmail.com

Camping: Denise Hirtle: HarboursideCamping@gmail.com

International: ​Lashauna Smith: Harboursideinternational@gmail.com

PR: Monica Mackendrick:  HarboursidePR@gmail.com

Membership: Ornmadee Baxter-Lovo: harboursidemembership@gmail.com

Cookies: Ramona Jurcina: SMBCookies@eastlink.ca

Training: harboursidetraining@gmail.com







​​For more information on Guiding in Harbourside Area, please feel free to contact:


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Area events / activities: 

Harbourside has changed the focus of the May 4-6 booking held at Camp Kanada.  We are going to have a general Camp Clean Up Weekend, and I would like to have it posted on the Camp Section of the GGCNS Webpage, as well at on the Harbourside Events section of the page.  I'm thinking I'll have to do a Doodle Poll to get people registered!


Camp Kanada Clean Up Weekend- May 4-6th

Details and Registration info to follow...

25/04/2018 10:33:26 AM