Welcome to Harbourside Area !

Harbourside Area primarily covers the Halifax Regional Municipality: peninsula and west, as far as St. Margaret's Bay.

Harbourside Area has six Guiding Districts covering the general locations of:
-   Halifax South DS: Downtown and South End 
-   Hammonds Plains DS: Hammonds Plains
-   Shoreview DS: Branching from the Armdale Rotary: includes Cowie Hill, Spryfield, Herring Cove, Harrietsfield,
     North West Arm Drive and vicinity
-   St. Margaret's Bay DS:  Stillwater Lake, Upper Tantallon, St. Margaret's Bay,  Tantallon to Peggy's Cove 
-   Timberlea Prospect DS: Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea and Prospect
-   Windsor Park DS: North End Halifax, West End Halifax, Fairview and Clayton Park 

The area is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers who provide programming for girls and adult leadership and training opportunities.

Area Comissioner:  Libby MacLean Harbourside@girlguides.ns.ca

Area Deputy Commissioner:  Lynn Parks: lynn.parks@bellaliant.net

Program: Tabitha Palmer: harboursideprogram@gmail.com

Camping: Denise Hirtle: HarboursideCamping@gmail.com

International: ​Lashauna Smith: Harboursideinternational@gmail.com

PR: Monica Mackendrick:  HarboursidePR@gmail.com

Membership: Ornmadee Baxter-Lovo: harboursidemembership@gmail.com

Cookies: Ramona Jurcina: SMBCookies@eastlink.ca

Training: Marie Cron: m.cron@ns.sympatico.ca




​​For more information on Guiding in Harbourside Area, please feel free to contact:

Area specific events / activities: 

Halifax Pride Parade
Harbourside Area is pleased to invite you to join us in walking in the Halifax Pride Parade on July 22nd.
We are very excited to represent Girl Guides of Canada as an inclusive and welcoming organization for any and all girls and women.
We will join other community groups, local businesses, and corporate sponsors in celebrating a diverse and inclusive Halifax community.

Are you interested in joining us?

When: Saturday, July 22nd, 12:00 noon – 3:30 pm

Where: Drop off at Scotia Square (food court); pick up at Public Gardens (SW corner)

Who: All girl and adult members of Girl Guides of Canada. We encourage units to attend together but if not:

Sparks and Brownies: Must attend with a Unit Guider or a parent who is responsible for them

Guides/Pathfinders/Rangers: Can attend as individuals.

Adults (including Link and Trefoil members): Are welcome to attend as individuals 

All participants must wear their uniform shirt and scarf and are encouraged to embellish them with rainbow accessories – wigs, socks, scarves, bracelets, tutus, or anything else you can imagine! The parade route is 3 km long, so please wear comfortable walking shoes (no flip flops).

Please see the attached activity plan (SG1) for more details. All participants must have a health form on her person or with the accompanying Unit Guider. Youth members who are attending without a Unit Guider MUST electronically send a health form with their RSVP.

Pathfinders, Rangers, and adult members are encouraged to join us at Guide House on Monday July 17 at 7 pm to assemble decorations and swag for our parade entry. 

Activity Plan - SG1
Girl Health Form

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