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"Coastlines"-The official newsletter for Guiding in Nova Scotia

It is produced monthly and is circulated to all Adults members and Rangers registered in Nova Scotia. If you are a registered Guider but have not been receiving Coastlines please contact Guide House. If you would like to discontinue receiving Coastlines or are no longer a registered Guider you can also contact Guide House to make these arrangements.

We want to hear from you.....

  • Keep sending in any information, reports or stories that you would like published.
  • Guidelines for how to submit are outlined below.
  • Email is the preferred method as it saves the time required to retype the text

Emails should be sent to [email protected].

Please Note: The Communications Advisory and Coastlines Committee reserves the right to make changes to submissions where necessary in terms of grammar, readability, tone, and length as well as the addition of graphics, headers and footers.

* Submissions will appear more or less as presented as long as it is not incorrect or unsuitable.
* The new brand will also play a significant role in how items are presented graphically.
*Also please be sure to let us know what you like about the newsletter so we keep doing it!

Happy Guiding Everyone!

  • Where necessary due to newsletter length, submissions may be deferred to a future issue if the information is not time-sensitive.
  • We are also happy to format information for you if you wish. We are lucky to have a wide range of hardware, software, and graphics available and can help "spice up" a submission where appropiate. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will do our best to achieve it.
  • "Letters to the Editor" can also be submitted by email, fax, mail or telephone.
  • We are happy to discuss any comments or questions you have about newsletter content or anything missing that you think should be there.




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