Volunteer Opportunties

Volunteers are critical to the success of the Guiding movement.
Whether you are new to Guiding, have a few years under your belt or are a life-long member, young women and seasoned members can bring a variety of experiences to our organizations. Recruitment is currently underway for the following Provincial Level Volunteer Positions. 

Volunteer Application 

Completed applications may be forwarded to office.manager@girlguides.ns.ca
 or sent to: 
Girl Guides of Canada, 3581 Dutch Village Rd,  Halifax, NS B3N 2S9   Fax 902-423-5347


Area Commissioners needed: Ceilidh Area and Maplewood Area

Can you:

  • Provide responsible leadership and a strong sense of teamwork?
  • Communicate in an open, positive, clear, timely and effective manner?
  • Support the Area Council members through recognition, mentoring and coaching?
  • Promote Guiding?
  • Encourage sharing of responsibilities and decision-making?
  • Manage the administrative requirements of meetings and GGC policies for risk management and financial procedures?
  • Actively participate on Provincial Council both as the voice of your area and with a commitment to the best interests of Guiding in Nova Scotia

Please note a full description of the Area Commissioner role can be found under the Area section at Committee Responsibilities. If you think you may be interested in the Area Commissioner (AC) position for your Area and would like to discuss this position further please feel free to contact Kathy or Elizabeth . The application form for the Provincial Position can be found at the bottom of the Forms page . Completed applications may be sent to nominations@girlguides.ns.ca  


Provincial Program Adviser
As a member of the Girl Engagement Team, the Provincial Program Adviser works with the Area Program Advisers to promote and support all activities relating to branch specific programming activities for girls. She liaises with the Area Program Advisers to support the implementation of Program opportunities for girls in their respective Areas. Working closely with Provincial Program Advisory Committee Members plan, coordinate and deliver provincially sponsored workshops.Assists with the placement of Lone Girls within units to ensure inclusion in programming.  

Active Living, Arts and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are included in this portfolio

Provincial Membership Adviser
As a member of the Member Services Team, the Provincial Membership Adviser works with the Area Membership Advisers to promote and support all activities relating to registration and retention of girl and adult membership. In conjunction with the Membership Support and Community Development Coordinator and Area Membership Advisers, monitor the Provincial Membership Development Plan and update for current short and long term goals.She champions the On-Line registration within the province, supports & encourages registration events and recruitment initiatives around the Province with the help of Area Membership Advisers, providing support for INQ adult inquires and Guider screening, as needed, and promotes opportunities for Girl Engagement.

The administration of  the Nova Scotia Chief Commissioner Bursary Program is included in this portfolio.

Provincial International Adviser

As a member of the Girl Engagement Team, the Provincial International Adviser, champions and advises on International issues and initiatives that provide key messages. She liaises with the Area International Advisers to support the implementation of International programming for girls in their respective Areas, coordinates the delivery of provincially sponsored workshops, and ensures appropriate selection and briefing of applicants selected for Provincial events.

She promotes WAGGGS and Nationally sponsored International events and increase awareness and involvement in WAGGGS and WAGGGS activities.



Provincial Cookie Adviser

As a member of the Finance and Audit Committee, the Provincial Cookie Adviser, coordinates the annual Classic and Mint Cookie Campaigns. She liaises with the Area Cookie Advisers to enter cookie and sales aids orders into the online ordering website by National deadlines. She consults with the Public Relations Adviser on promoting Girl Guide cookies on matters relating to campaign strategies, mentors Area Cookie Advisers and advises on cookie issues.  Championing decisions, providing key messages and ongoing positive communication for Cookies to Guiders and consumers. 

 She solicits feedback from the Area Cookie Advisers, summarizes information, and works in collaboration with the Provincial Finance Committee to make cookie initiatives successful.


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