Hardwood Lake Camp

Located in Lake Paul, NS Hardwood Lake camp has one residential lodge, a cottage and wilderness camping sites (2).  Large open areas along with geocaching, and hiking trails are also available.  Unsupervised waterfront is available. 

Camp Phone Number: (902- 847-9182)
Booking Contact: Sara Keddy (902-679-6568) / Email: [email protected]


The camp is operated seasonally and can accommodate multiple groups for both residential and tenting. 
The lodge has a kitchen with standard supplies, stoves and standard fridge and freezer.  Bunk bed facilities with a handwashing station and open space for activities is available.  The lodge is wheelchair accessible. 

Paxtu (Guide sites), boathouse and wildness site are also available with water taps, latrines, dining shelter (Patxu) and open spaces for wide activities.  Cooking firepits, campfire pits and a Reflections area are offered. 

Waterfront: Occasional supervised
waterfront is available- please check with Camp Contact listed above for more information.

Please see the: Properties Emergency Escalation process

More about the camp: more information will be coming on the following

  • Kitchen Supplies provided
  • Other supplies provided 
  • What else you should know
  • Info for Safe Guide forms
  • Rates
  • Suggested Unit Kit List
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