It’s Kwah-ee time and it's going to be spectacular

Aged: 9 to 12 years of age

Kwah-ee allows girls the opportunity to attend a camp, where they can be physically active and learn camp skills. These camps enable the girls, young women and adults who attend them to develop their self esteem and self confidence, while building their camping and leadership skills and instilling a love of the outdoors.
Who can attend Kwah-ee?

Questions? - Please email [email protected]


2020 Winter Kwahee Camp

Week one :  Camp Kanada (West Petpeswick) Feb 7-9 (28 Girls)
Week two:    Lewis Lake / Anne Fraser(Mount Uniacke) Feb 14-16 (24 Girls)

Application Due Date: Jan 24, 2019
Cost $65

Girl Health Form


Please indicate on the volunteer application which of the following positions you are interested in.
Positions needed: 1 Responsible Guider, 2 Quartermasters, 2 Program Guiders, 1 First Aider, 1 Float Guider

Please note:
Children of volunteer staff, who are in Guides, will automatically be accepted to attend the event.  You must still complete and submit  the application for each girl with the payment. 
Please let us know on the Girls application if you are a volunteer with the event.

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