Welcome to Harbourside Area !

Harbourside Area primarily covers the Halifax Regional Municipality: peninsula and west, as far as St. Margaret's Bay.

Harbourside Area has six Guiding Districts covering the general locations of:
-   Halifax South DS: Downtown and South End 
-   Hammonds Plains DS: Hammonds Plains
-   Shoreview DS: Branching from the Armdale Rotary: includes Cowie Hill, Spryfield, Herring Cove, Harrietsfield,
     North West Arm Drive and vicinity
-   St. Margaret's Bay DS:  Stillwater Lake, Upper Tantallon, St. Margaret's Bay,  Tantallon to Peggy's Cove 
-   Timberlea Prospect DS: Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea and Prospect
-   Windsor Park DS: North End Halifax, West End Halifax, Fairview and Clayton Park 

The area is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers who provide programming for girls and adult leadership and training opportunities.

Area Commissioner:  Libby MacLean [email protected]

Area Deputy Commissioner:  Lynn Parks: [email protected]

Program: Tabitha Palmer: [email protected]

Camping: Denise Hirtle: [email protected]

International: ​Lashauna Smith: [email protected]

PR: Monica Mackendrick:  [email protected]

Membership: Catherine Savoie: [email protected]

Cookies: Ramona Jurcina: [email protected]

Training: Cheryl Franklin - [email protected]


Harbourside Volunteer Opportunities


We have the following openings for volunteers to are looking to expand their knowledge, use their skills and help make a difference.  Additional information, on the following,  can be found at the bottom of: Committee Responsibilities


  • District Commissioner: 

The District Commissioner is the link between Area Council and the Guiding Community.   She works in partnership with the District Council to champion the Vision, Mission and Values of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC), while acting in the best interest of Girl Guides Canada - Guides du Canada, respecting the confidential nature of the work. Please contact Libby at Harbourside AC for more info.

-District Commissioners are needed for each of the following: Shoreview and Hammonds Plains Districts


  • Area Treasurer:

The Area Treasurer works with the Area Commissioner and the Provincial Treasurer to manage the Area Council’s financial resources on behalf of Girl Guides of Canada.  Please contact Libby at Harbourside AC for more info.


  • Area Commissioner

Term of Office for the current Area Commissioner is coming to an end in May 2019, NS is seeking an Area Commissioner for Harbourside Area.

If you feel you can provide responsible leadership and a strong sense of teamwork, communicate in an open, positive, clear, timely and effective manner, support the Area Council members through recognition, mentoring and coaching, promote Guiding, encourage sharing of responsibilities and decision-making, manage the administrative requirements of meetings and GGC policies for risk management and financial procedures, and actively participate on Provincial Council both as the voice of your area and with a commitment to the best interests of Guiding in Nova Scotia, then we need to hear from you. 


Please contact Debbie Mellish, Deputy Provincial Commissioner at DPC-Area for more information



Kirstyn Butler Memorial Scholarship





​​For more information on Guiding in Harbourside Area, please feel free to contact:


Area Training's

Food Handlers Course-May 28

Time:  6 - pm at Guide House 

For more information and to register  - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZXXK6SH

Area events / activities for 2019

  • May 10 -12 Area Camp - Camp Kanada

6/18/2019 10:47:16 AM