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Safe Guide activity forms are to be sent to [email protected]

S..A..F..E..T..Y is foremost in all our Guiding activities and something we do very well. With increasing standards imposed on all organizations to manage risks and reduce liabilities, Girl Guides of Canada has developed our own safety management tool.

Safe Guide is our process for helping Guiders be consistent and systematic in their risk-related planning.

Safe Guide Training:
Do experienced Guiders need to take training on the new Safe Guide? Yes

  • Each Guiding activity must have a Responsible Guider (RG) who has completed her Safe Guide training module.

There are new processes and new information in this edition that all Guiders must be aware of. The training is set up to be flexible, so that a Trainer would use different scenarios with experienced Guiders and facilitate a Q & A session in a different scenarios with experienced Guiders and facilitate a Q & A session in a different manner.

Safe Guide training is available in face-to-face group session, through e-learning and in other alternate formats. For information about upcoming face-to-face sessions or to access alternate formats, speak to your training adviser or Commissioner.

For E-learning Training, please visit the E-LEARNING PAGE

Did you know that the Safe Guide Assessors in Nova Scotia are experienced Guiders who are here to help you

  • They review and assess Yellow and Red level activities to ensure overall safety of Members participating in those activities.
  • The Assessor provides acknowledgement for Yellow activities or GGC authorization for Red Activities.
  • The Activity Assessor communicates with and supports the Responsible Guider to facilitate safe activities for GGC Members.

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