Guide Kwah-ee- Winter Camp

Kwah-ee is the provincially managed camp for Guides. Girls and youth from across the province come together for a fun-filled camp with great food, great adventure, and great friendships. Kwahee allows girls the opportunity to attend a camp where they can be physically active and learn camp skills. These camps enable the girls, young women and adults who attend them to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence while building their camping and leadership skills and instilling in them a love of the outdoors. Kwahee runs two times throughout the year – winter and summer for Guides aged 9-12.

Theme: Mystery

Winter Kwah-ee Week 1 - Camp Kanada - February 23-25
Winter Kwah-ee Week 2 - Anne Fraser - March 1-3

Staff Information:

  • Staff application. Apply now.
  • Available volunteer positions: Responsible Guider, Program Guiders, Quartermasters, First Aiders.
  • Kwah-ee is also looking for second and third year Pathfinders and all Rangers to be youth staff as patrol and shadow leaders.
  • Position Descriptions can be found on the provincial website under Committee Responsibilities
  • Questions can be directed to

Winter Kwah-ee FAQs for caregivers

Winter Kwah-ee is a two-night camp for girls registered as Guides at the time of registration. No experience is necessary. Additional information, including camp fees and the camp's location, can be found on the youth application. 

Questions can be directed to

Please note:

  • Girls apply individually and will be assigned a patrol before camp.
  • The patrols will be assigned prior to camp and be comprised of seven Guides at Camp Kanada and six Guides at Anne Fraser House.
  • All campers will sleep in a large bunk room. They will choose their bunks when they arrive. Leaders will have a separate bunk area in the building.
  • Activities at camp will consist of both indoor and outdoor activities. The weather will be considered when determining how much time Guides will spend outdoors.
  • Both camps have indoor washroom facilities to use during this camp.
  • Meals will be prepared by the camp quartermasters/cooks. Do not send food unless discussed with camp staff before camp.
  • Guides will help with chores, including helping with meals, washing dishes, keeping the washrooms clean and keeping the property clean.
  • Kit list and other information, including activities will be emailed before camp.
  • No electronics at camp. They may become damaged or lost. Camp is a time to unplug and make new friends. Staff will have phones in case of emergencies. If there is a reason why a girl must have electronics then they will be held by the adult staff (unless needed).

Ready to camp? Apply now.

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