TNJL registration is now closed


TNJL registration is now closed

Girls across Canada are invited to join Girl Guides for free this spring! In Try Now, Join Later girls can experience the fun, friendship and connection that makes Girl Guides unique.

This introductory program will let girls engage in hands-on activities, forge new friendships and explore their potential in a supportive environment – all before fully committing to membership.

From outdoor adventures to exciting challenges, she can do it all at Girl Guides. Join now to unlock a world of endless possibilities!



Is it really free?

Yes! We don’t charge registration fees for girls to join this spring! There may be additional costs during unit meetings for activities or excursions*. After registration, we encourage you to reach out to your volunteer unit leader (Guider) for more information! 
*Due to availability or pre-booked activities, girls in Try Now, Join Later may not be able to attend all unit events.

How do I find a unit for my child to join?

Our  Unit Finder tool  can help you find a unit near you!. You can register for any unit with availability. After she has been registered, your child will be placed in the unit and your volunteer unit leader (Guider) will reach out to connect.

If there are any issues with the unit you’ve selected, our customer care team will help you find an alternate unit.

When can my child start going to unit meetings?

As soon as she’s registered, she can join a unit meeting! You will receive information about the location, date and time that the unit meets as soon as you’ve finished registration. Your volunteer unit leader (Guider) may also reach out before your first meeting to welcome your girl and provide additional information.

When does Try Now, Join Later end?

Try Now, Join Later registration closes on May 2, but girls enrolled before that date get to participate in Girl Guides until the last unit meeting of the year. This date will vary depending on your unit, but usually falls in late May or June, like the school year.

What age group (branch) will my child be joining? 

See the list below for which branch your girl is eligible to join, and to get more information on the activities she’ll learn in each branch.

More information about each branch:  
Sparks (ages 5 and 6)
Embers (ages 7 and 8)
Guides (ages 9 to 11)
Pathfinders (ages 12 to 14)
Rangers (ages 15 to 17)

Depending on her age, she may want to try the branch above to get an idea of what comes next!  For example, if she is currently six but will turn seven in the fall, she might want to try Embers now!

My child is four, turning five. Can she still take part in Try Now, Join Later?

Girls who will be turning five before December 31 2024 can join in on Try Now, Join Later by becoming Sparks! This is a great opportunity for them to get an idea of what it’s like in Girl Guides before joining us full-time in the fall.

Will my child need a uniform?

Girls in the Try Now, Join Later program do not need to wear a Girl Guides uniform, however you are more than welcome to purchase a uniform or other fun Girl Guide items from our online store!

Will my child take part in selling cookies?

It is not mandatory for girls in the Try Now, Join Later program to take part in cookie sales, but she may be invited to by her unit! You can talk to your volunteer leader (Guider) to find out more.

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