Volunteers in Guiding do so much and ultimately empower every girl in Guiding to discover herself and be Everything she wants to be. Recognizing adult members is an important way to help our volunteers feel valued and thanked. Girls, parents and fellow Guiders are encouraged to recognize and thank volunteers throughout the year. Here are some ways how:

Nominate a member for a GGC Award

GGC has a variety of awards to formally recognize volunteers for the incredible work they do. To learn about our awards program and information on making a nomination, please click here.

The power of saying "thank you"

Don't underestimate the power of saying "thank you" to a volunteer. Knowing that a volunteer has made an impact in the life of a girl and her family is important to hear. Some informal ways to recognize a Guider include:

  • Saying "thank you"
  • Communicating the impact of a volunteer's work
  • A thank-you card or handmade gift from the girls in a unit
  • Fun and informal awards from the girls in a unit

Hear from girls and parents the huge impact our volunteers have made!

  • The gift of your help, time and support means more than anything money can buy. You have supported my growth and taught me to reach for the sky and appreciate that you do this from the kindness of your hearts. You have invested in me and the other girls so fully and willingly that words cannot begin to express the thanks we owe to you. I really appreciate all that you've done and hope this message provides a small token of my gratitude. Thank you so very much!
  • Thank you so much for all that you do for the girls. You are amazing leaders, and excellent role models to the girls. I appreciate all of the time and effort you put into Guiding and can't thank you enough for what you do.
  • Thank you so much for caring for the Brownies over this past Guiding year. My daughter was always excited to attend meetings, participate in activities, and then share info all about them with us and the rest of her family. She (and us) felt protected and safe in your presence and we know you always looked out for and had the best interest of all your Brownies. Thank you for dedicating your time to them each week and making their year such a worthwhile experience for them.
  • My daughter truly enjoys meeting with her Guiding group weekly and all of the extra outings and adventures the guides participate in. We didn't want it to go unrecognized the amount of time and effort it takes to plan and carry out the activities that the girls participate in. My daughter has learned so much from her guiders, and I can see her confidence growing over time.
  • Thank you for everything this year. This was an amazing first year for my daughter. She's grown and experienced things that we couldn't give her. This is a game changer for girls. You're doing an amazing job! Very lucky you came into our lives! Xo
  • You deserve much more than a High Five, but I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your hard work and dedication to our girls. You have so much positive influence over them and have enabled them to experience so many unique things.
  • Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication leading Sparks/Brownies over the past several years. It's people like you that make all the difference in our kids' lives. My daughters just love you and we all sincerely appreciate all you do.

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