Camping Opportunities

NS Provincial Camping is excited to announce the camps for 2024!

Mark your calendars and save these dates!

  • Ranger Camp, Camp Kanada - February 16-18
  • Winter Kwah-ee Week 1 - Camp Kanada - February 23-25
  • Winter Kwah-ee Week 2 - Anne Fraser - March 1-3
  • Sparkle and Glow - Camp Kanada - June 21-23
  • Keji Tri-ventures 2024 - Keji National Park - July 23-28
  • Quest - Location TBA - Fall 2024

Volunteer information will be posted soon. 


To ensure that our camp experiences are safe and enjoyable for all, everyone must abide by GGC code of conduct. All members attending the camp, this includes girls and adults, must follow the Code of Conduct and treat everyone with respect. Some examples of a breach of the Code of Conduct include but not limited to are name calling, rude behavior,  being disruptive especially at night and not following camp rules.   Failure to abide by this could result in caregivers being called for the youth to be pick up immediately regardless of the time of day or night.  If this happens, there will be no refund of camp fees. Code of Conduct.


As per GGC guidelines, anyone attending any Guiding activity must complete the "illness self-assessment Checklist", if the self-assessment checklist indicates that they cannot attend in person activities, they will be unable to participate in the camp. The self-assessment checklist will be sent prior to the commencement of the event.

7/23/2024 2:57:18 PM