Girl Guides of Canada is proud to offer an alternative training format for our adult volunteers. E-Learning is a flexible learning option that goes beyond putting a regular document online. E-learners receive information through slides, pop-up text boxes, and audio-video clips.

The course content and the learning process for E-learning modules are similar to the face-to-face training: the same information is covered in easy-to-follow sections. To check the E-learners knowledge, each section ends with a Q&A. If something is unclear, the E-learner can go back and re-visit the material before starting the next section.

To take one of these courses via E-learning, please contact your District Commissioner or Area Training Adviser and ask that she request a PIN so you can take the course free-of-charge.

   About The Girl

  • Sparks
  • Embers
  • Guides

   Relating with Pathfinders

   Programming for the Girl

  • Sparks
  • Embers
  • Guides
    Programming for Girls, By Girls (Pathfinders)

   Quick Start for Guiders

  • Sparks
  • Embers
  • Guides
  • Pathfinders
  • Rangers

    Quick Start for Rangers
    Putting the Pieces Together
    Building Unit Guider Skills
    Girls United
    Bias Awareness/Equity Training

Safe Guide Training

When working with children and youth, providing a safe environment is paramount. Planning with safety in mind gives everyone, leaders, girls and caregivers, peace of mind to know that the activity is well run. Safe Guide: Activity Planning and Safety Management provides Members with the procedures and information needed when planning and managing exciting, successful and fun activities for girls. 

GGC provides Members with training on the use of Safe Guide which includes specific procedures and activity guides with step-by-step how-to guidelines for popular Guiding activities. Safe Guide training must be completed within six months of becoming a leader or supervisor of others who work with girls.

To take the training in a group session, please contact your District Commissioner or Area Training Adviser about upcoming courses.


   To take Safe Guide via E-Learning, Guiders can directly contact 
elearning@girlguides.ns.ca with the following information:

  •   Your Name
  •   Your Membership ID
  •   Your Unit
  •   Your Email Address
    Once you are issued a PIN and complete the course, you will receive
    "Congratulations" email with a link to your certificate. E-Learning courses are 
    added to member records by the National office bi-monthly.
    If you wish to have the course added to your record immediately,

    please email the “Congratulations” email to

2/21/2024 7:56:18 PM