Volunteer Opportunties

Volunteers are critical to the success of the Guiding movement. Whether you are new to Guiding, have a few years under your belt or are a life-long member, young women and seasoned members can bring a variety of experiences to our organizations. Recruitment is currently underway for the following Provincial Level Volunteer Positions. 

The Application Form for Provincial Committees is available at
Forms and can be sent to Office Manager


Are you looking for a new guiding challenge?
Join the Nova Scotia Provincial Commissioner and her Team!
With the 4th largest membership in the country it takes a province to put girls first- so we need your HELP!

Who is eligible?

-   ​  Nova Scotia adult guiders with current membership
-     Guiders of any age or experience bracket
-     Guiders who have a passion for Girl Guides

Reasons to apply:
    3 year terms
    Flexible meeting schedules
    Give back to the guiding community in a new way
    Skills based volunteer positions
    Opportunity to network with provincial peers
    Gain valuable skills that enhance your resume
    Be a part of the bigger picture – Mentor-ship provided as you move along in your new role.

NS is very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers to help our members experience the best Guiding can offer, but we can’t do it without help.
Because members serve a period of 3 years in a Provincial role, there are several positions that will be available this May and we are looking for interested individuals to join the team.  

Available Volunteer Positions
2020 CALL FOR DEPUTY PROVINCIAL COMMISSIONER, AREA SUPPORT- Application deadline: April 12th 2020.

The Deputy Provincial Commissioner holds a leadership position on provincial council.  She supports the Provincial Commissioner in the discharge of her duties, and takes on specific responsibilities as determined by the provincial leadership team. 
As the Term of Office for the current Area Commissioners is coming to an end in May 2020, NS is seeking an Area Commissioners for  both Ceilidh and Maplewood Areas   
Can you:
• Provide responsible leadership and a strong sense of teamwork?
• Communicate in an open, positive, clear, timely and effective manner?
• Support the Area Council members through recognition, mentoring and coaching?
• Promote Guiding?
• Encourage sharing of responsibilities and decision-making?
• Manage the administrative requirements of meetings and GGC policies for risk management and financial procedures?
• Actively participate on Provincial Council both as the voice of your area and with a commitment to the best interests of Guiding in Nova Scotia.
Please note a full description of the Area Commissioner role can be found under the Area section at Committee Responsibilities located at the bottom of the web page.
If you think you may be interested in the Area Commissioner (AC) position for your Area and would like to discuss this position further please feel free to contact Lorena or Debbie.
The application form for the Provincial Position can be found at Forms- please use: Volunteer Applications - Provincial Position.
Completed applications may be sent to [email protected].
Deadline is 5pm March 13th, 2020


PR- promotes and supports activities relating to getting the good word of Guiding out to the public via various methods.

Trainer Development Coordinator - supports Guiders wishing to undertake the Trainer Stream Modules and complete the requirements to become a Trainer and supports Trainers in their continuing education.

Active Living Adviser: Promotes active living activities through NS Girl Guides programming for Girls and Guiders. 
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